I am Francisco Gómez González; I have been robbed, tricked and deceived by Avatrade’s agent Melody. And since my name is Francisco, I will not stop until I am paid with the corresponding interest or take AVATRADE to its death; I swear by God, Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I have proofs that would put the whole Avatrade board directly in prison, but I will not present them to the police or the judges. I will present them here and in all the media if before November 1st I have not been returned what I have stolen with the respective interests and payment for the moral damages caused by the Avatrade agents.

Avatrade, I will make you disappear from the map, from the internet. Now when someone searches for AVATRADE, I come out on your heels, and in thousands of searches, I come out above you AVATRADE, thieves, swindlers.

I have already created more than ten generic domains about AVATRADE that very soon will occupy the entire first page in Google searches with just the word AVATRADE and then your end will be closer and closer.

Look what I have achieved so far:
1º More than 86260 visits on the first avatrade-affected website I founded.
2º In this web of avatrade-afectados, I have achieved that I link more than 28,989 external websites. That means that Google, very soon when searching for the word AVATRADE, is going to take me out above the web called AVATRADE with domain extensions .es and .com of scam, theft and fraud of your international organization of theft, scam, fraud and crime.
3º) The external links tell Google that my site is essential, and the internal links tell Google that my site has a robust and consistent structure because at this moment, I have more than 2,796 internal links.
4º) In the last 28 days, I have achieved more than 9,110 clicks in Google searches.
5º I already have activated domains such as AVATRADE WEBSITEAVATRADE SITEAVATRADE INTERNATIONALAVATRADE ESTAFADOSAVATRADE.COMESTAFAVATRADETRADE99AVATRADE-AFECTADOS.MX, and at this very moment, I am activating domains with the extension of each of the countries where AVATRADE has a presence to avoid you continue stealing and destroying more families of this planet.

But there is a collaboration with the regulatory agencies that you are going to lose. Because I have evidence that I will not present to these agencies, but in this website and in all the media where it is seen that you give favourable treatment to AVATRADE, why is that? I am also going to make these organizations responsible for your thefts, frauds and scams—many of us, who AVATRADE has swindled. We were presented as if you are regulated in Spain by the CNMV, that you are licensed by the Bank of Ireland (and the bank of Ireland does not respond to any of our claims because it turns out that Mr Fergunson has held a high position in that bank. Furthermore, your agents present us as sponsors of sport and altruists—what an excellent way to sponsor sport with stolen money.

Avatrade, my name is Francisco. As my name is Francisco, or you pay before November 1st, or you will see me presenting unpublished evidence that what I say is true you are an organization directed from Israel founded and planned to steal. You have destroyed my life, and I will destroy your empire of theft, fraud and scam,

In all countries where AVATRADE operates, I will open a website with the extension of that country

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