MURCIA. Comprensión Escrita. Ejercicio 2

Vocabulary: Find words/ expression (which are in the same order as they appear in the text) that match the following definitions / synonyms


American Film Institute AFI presents the 22nd annual AFI European Union Film Showcase, a selection of top films from EU member states, including film festival award winners, box office hits and US premieres.

This surreal adventure in stop-motion animation and oddball comedy is the feature film spin-off of the Belgian TV series, which enjoys an international cult following. Three Plasticine characters, Cowboy, Indian and the sensible but temperamental Horse, navigate a series of manic adventures, from Cowboy and Indian’s Internet birthday barbecue that wrecks their house, to the trio’s travels to the center of the earth, the arctic tundra, and an underwater realm populated by perfidious pointyheads. Co-directors Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar supply most of the manic voice talent, with guest spots given to Jeanne Jeanne Balibar (VA SAVOIR) and Benoît Poelvoorde.

Paprika Steen gives a bravura performance as an alcoholic actress navigating personal crises in this debut film from Martin Zandvliet. Footage from Steen’s real-life performance as Martha in a recent Copenhagen production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is intercut with scenes of Steen as Thea, a hard bitten diva whose personality blends an agile-minded charisma with caustic sarcasm, the self- centeredness of a grand dame undercut by a desperate self-loathing. Recently divorced from her now- remarried husband and denied custody of their two children, Thea has supposedly given up drinking and is working on regaining visitation rights. Painfully, Thea must face the fact that motherhood may not be a role she is cut out to play.

The latest film from Ole Bornedal continues the Danish director’s knack for exploiting genre conventions to thought-provoking effect. Luckless truck driver Lars, angry at the world and normally drunk, causes a fatality in a hit-and-run accident, but plants evidence to implicate the town’s Bosnian refugee handyman, Alain. After Lars’s citified, liberal older brother Johannes comes to Alain’s defense and takes him into his home, the local louts plot a pitchforks-and-torches nighttime assault, egged on by the deceased’s unhinged, right-wing widower. With nods to timeless American films like RIO BRAVO and STRAW DOGS, Bornedal’s film provocatively examines class and ethnic differences in today’s Europe.

Estonian filmmaker Jaak Kilmi (REVOLUTION OF PIGS, part of AFI’s 2006 EU Film Showcase) examines the most important factor in how the Communists lost the Cold War: the West’s one-two punch of disco music and Dallas episodes. Blending wonderful archival footage, academic interviews and deliriously funny recreations, Kilmi’s eyeopening and entertaining documentary hits just the right tone between the serious and the surreal.

Stuck in a provincial backwater, police officer Cristi spends his days trailing a teenager suspected of dealing pot.Although his absurd “investigation” reveals nothing, his superiors push for an arrest, leading to a crisis of conscience for the cop and a vigorous debate about the meaning of the Law.A masterpiece of real-time long takes, dry wit, and deep intellectual engagement, this film is a new high-water mark for Romanian cinema.Winner, FIPRESCI Prize and Un Certain Regard Jury Prize, Cannes 2009

Returning to 1963 Communist Hungary after a lengthy sojourn in the States with his diplomat parents, 18-year-old Miki (Tamas Szabo Kimmel) reunites with his musician friends and proceeds to show his countrymen and women what rock’n’roll is all about in this high-spirited, comedic musical. Based on the smash hit stage musical inspired by real-life 1960s-era Magyar rocker Miklos Fenyõ, the film delivers both historical nostalgia and entertainingly subversive counter history in charting Miki and company’s youthful reproach to Communist-era bureaucratic dullness. Perfect period detail, a winning soundtrack and a dynamite cast of young actors make this East-meets-West, fact-based rock’n’roll fantasy a real charmer.