11 Report
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pixel At first, the class planned to have all the visitors' responses sent to Mr. Clark's e-mail address. FrontPage makes this easy to set up. But Mr. Clark thought it might be fun to share the responses with everyone - including other visitors!

blip So the kids created a simple database to store all of their visitors' responses.

pixel What, Gummy? Oh! Blip, Gummy says that making a database isn't easy - especially one that works with a Web form.

blip Good point, Gummy. The 6th graders weren't programmers, and Mr. Clark didn't have any specific database knowledge. Yet, with a few clicks here and there, FrontPage 2000 helped them create a dynamo information collector.

pixel Yeah, Gummy! The kids even made a Web page that displayed the information stored in their database. Mr. Clark said this page was very, uh, interactive. I'm not sure what that means, but I think in the 20th Century, that word meant something was good.

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