Practice Report

    You can also create a simple database that gathers and publishes visitors' data on a Web page.

    To create a simple database:

    1) Right-click over the form. A short-cut box appears.

    2) Click Form Properties. The Form Properties dialog box appears.

Right-click over the form to open this menu.

    3) Click the Send to Database radio button.

    4) Click the Options button. The Options for Saving Results to Database dialog box appears.

Options for Saving Results to Database dialog box.

    5) Click the Create Database button. FrontPage creates a mini database for you. A message appears, telling you where you will find the database when you want to look at results from your form.

Note your database's location.

    6) Click OK on the Options for Saving Results to Database dialog box.

    7) Click OK on the Form Properties dialog box.

    TIP: When you finish creating your database, FrontPage may ask that you save your form page with an .asp (Active Server Page) extension. To do this, select Save As from the File menu. In the Save As dialog box, click the Save As Type box. Then select Active Server Pages from the drop-down list. Click the Save button to accept the changes and close the Save As properties box.

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