12 Report
Report 01: Fresh Start Report 02: Text Report 03: Images Report 04: More Images Report 05: Hyperlinks Report 06: Tables Report 07: Preview Report 08: WebSite Report 09: Style Report 10: Forms Report 11: Data Report 12: Reports Report 13: Publish Report 14: Wrap it up! 14
pixel The class was almost ready to put their Web report on the Internet. But first, they had to make sure everything was working.

blipThe kids used a series of FrontPage 2000 reports to check their Web site. One report told them if their hyperlinks went to the right place and if any of them were broken.

pixel Another report checked for slow pages. After all, no one should make visitors wait too long for a page to load!

blip A few students added new pages at the last minute. One girl wanted to add her prediction that whales would grow feet and become pets for people with really big yards! So just before launch day, Mr. Clark used the Recently Added Files report to check that everyone's work was there.

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