03 Report
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pixel The kids came up with lots of great predictions for life in 2200. One girl predicted that people would be able to grow food in a microwave oven. All you had to do was stick in a seed, turn it on, and watch through the window as a big watermelon grew right in front of your eyes.

blipShe drew a picture of her idea, too. It was so boom-tastic, Mr. Clark scanned the drawing, brought the digitized image into FrontPage, then crop and resized the picture. It fit right in with all the other images that the kids added to the Web report.

pixelAnd did they love adding images! The class added Clip Art images that came packaged with FrontPage 2000. They also included pictures from photo CDs and images they had collected from other Web sites. Hey, Blip. Remember how they moved the images around after they got them into the page? The kids even used a feature that wrapped text around the images. What was the name of that feature?

blip Pixel Precise Positioning! Yeeesh! How could you forget, Pixel?

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