07 Report
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pixel Blip, Ms. Grzlber has a question. She wants to know how the students edited and previewed their Web project. [Psst. I told you she would ask that question.]

blip[Shhh. She can hear us, Pixel.] Great question, Ms. Grzlber! Making sure everything was spelled right was a snap with FrontPage 2000's spell check feature. The students simply looked for words that were underlined with a squiggly, red line and corrected them. Pixel, can you explain how the students previewed their Web site?

pixel Thanks, pal. Umm.. To check how everything would look to their Web site visitors, the class used the Preview in Browser feature. They simply clicked a button and FrontPage let them view their site in a real Web browser.

blip Don't forget to mention, Pixel, that not all visitors use the same Web browser. Some use Explorer, while others use Navigator. Some people use the latest versions, but others have older versions installed on their computers. FrontPage 2000 helped Mr. Clark's class design a Web site that was compatible with specific browsers.

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