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blip One kid predicted that, by the Year 2200, everyone would have computer hats that automatically pumped knowledge into the brain. Then no one would have to go to school and kids could just play all day and wear their knowledge caps to bed.

pixelI think that was my great, great, great grandpa who came up with that idea. My family tree is full of free-thinkers, you know?

blipUh� Pixel, that's how you see it. While we're on the topic of different views, FrontPage 2000 gave Mr. Clark and his class six different ways to view their Web site. This made it easier to work on individual pages and to see how different pages linked together. Navigation View, for example, showed them how all their Web pages were organized.

pixel Righto! And when Mr. Clark discovered a missing page, it was really easy for him to add a new page in Navigation View. Remember, Blip, how Mr. Clark added some pages that students had created using that Word 2000 program? He just saved the Word documents as Web pages and plugged them into the Web site. Grongy stuff!

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