09 Report
Report 01: Fresh Start Report 02: Text Report 03: Images Report 04: More Images Report 05: Hyperlinks Report 06: Tables Report 07: Preview Report 08: WebSite Report 09: Style Report 10: Forms Report 11: Data Report 12: Reports Report 13: Publish Report 14: Wrap it up! 14
blip The Web site was looking really lively, but Mr. Clark wanted to make it look more consistent. He talked it over with the class, and they decided to apply a futuristic theme to the entire Web site.

pixelQuestion from Quadrant 600, Blip. Gummy doesn't understand what we mean by theme.

blip Hey, Gummy. What's sticking, dude? A theme is, uh, a style template that gives a Web page a coordinated look. Each theme has its own background image, text color, buttons, dividers, and more. A theme can be applied to one page, or it can be applied to all the pages in a Web site.

pixel You can also customize themes. Mr. Clark's class liked everything about the theme they choose - except its background image. So they changed it.

blipThe class decided to add a Shared Border, too. This feature helped them create a common border that ran along one edge of every page. This gave their site an even more consistent look!

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