Practice Report

    A Shared Border is a part of the page that is the same on every page. For example, you can use a Shared Border if you want to have the same line of text at the bottom of every page - the name of your school, perhaps. When you want to edit the text of a Shared Border, you only need to make a change on one page. FrontPage automatically applies this change to all the other pages.

    To add a Shared Border:

    1) Click Shared Borders on the Format menu. The Shared Borders dialog box appears.

    2) Click the All Pages radio button.

    3) Click the Bottom check-box.

The Shared Borders dialog box.

    4) Click OK on the Shared Borders dialog box. A border appears at the bottom of your page.

    5) Place the cursor inside the border box, then type your text. The text will now appear at the bottom of every page.

This text will appear on all your pages.

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