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FrontPage 2000 is the simple tool you need to make a Web site for your classroom, your school, your teacher�s group � or just about anything else under the moon!

With FrontPage 2000, it�s easy to create a Web site and fill it with colorful images, informative text, wacky sounds, and on-line forms. The program serves up simple methods for adding hyperlinks, creating tables, and even creating a simple database for gathering information from visitors. It also offers more than 60 Web themes � with buttons, pictures, and other visual features that give your site a cool and consistent look.

This fun, 12-unit tutorial is designed for K -12 teachers who want to use FrontPage 2000 in their classrooms. You�ll learn the basics on getting started, adding text and images, linking to other Web sites, and much more. You can also use this same friendly material to teach your students how to make their own Web sites.

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Meet your hosts

Blip and Pixel are two space-cadets from the Year 2200. They traveled back in time to visit the beginning of the new millennium. When they arrived, they found a classroom that was using FrontPage 2000 to make a Web site to present the students� predictions for the future.

Blip and Pixel watched as FrontPage 2000 brought the kids� Web site to life. Then your hosts hopped back into their time machine and returned to the year 2200. When they returned to their own classroom, the duo shared their story with their fellow space-cadets.

In this tutorial, you will see the FrontPage 2000 information Blip and Pixel presented to their own class.



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