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Designing and Publishing a Web

Completing Web Tasks

Tasks view displays the list of all outstanding tasks associated with the current web. Tasks are items that need your attention before you publish the web.

In the previous exercises, you added tasks to a list when you deferred certain actions. For example, when you checked the spelling of the pages in your web, you chose to add a new task for each page containing misspellings. By adding tasks to the list, you can complete such corrections all at once.

If you are working in a web development environment or on an intranet, Tasks view makes it easy to track web tasks and assign them to other authors who work on the same web.

  To complete tasks in Tasks view

Tasks icon

  1. On the Views bar, click the Tasks icon.
  2. FrontPage displays the Tasks list.

  3. Double-click the first task on the list, labeled "Fix misspelled words."

  4. In the Answer Wizard, type:
    How do I complete web tasks?

    FrontPage displays the Task Details dialog box. Here, you can see details about the task you're selected. You can set the priority of the task, assign it to another author on your network, or complete the task and remove it from the list.

  5. In the Task Details dialog box, click Start Task.
  6. FrontPage switches to Page view and opens the page containing the misspelled words.

  7. In the Spelling dialog box, click Ignore when FrontPage questions the name "Balleny."
  8. Click Add to add "Cheops," the name of the Egyptian king, to your dictionary.
  9. FrontPage shares custom dictionaries with other Microsoft Office applications, so you don't need to add custom words in each application separately.

    When you add verified words to your dictionary, they will not be questioned again.

  10. Click OK.
  11. FrontPage completes the spelling check. If you want to, you can now return to Tasks view and mark this task as completed.

Although it is not required that you complete every task before publishing your web, it is a good idea to review this list when you are finished making changes to the web. Tasks view helps you manage webs by flagging important reminders for you.


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