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You put your right in;
You take your hand out.
You put right hand in and shake it all about.
do the Hokey Cokey you turn around
That's 's it's all about! Clap! !

You put your hand in;
You take left hand out.
You your left hand in you shake it all .
You do the Hokey and you turn around
's what's it's all about! ! Clap

You put right foot in;
You your right foot out.
put your right foot and you shake it about.
You do the Cokey and you turn
That's what's it's all ! Clap! Clap!

You your left foot in;
take your left foot .
You put your left in and you shake all about.
You do Hokey Cokey and you around
That's what's 's all about! Clap! Clap!


  about     about     all     and     and     around     Clap     Clap     Cokey     foot     hand     Hokey     in     it     it     left     out     put     put     right     take     That     the     turn     what     you     You     You     You     your     your     your     


Exercise Copyright � - 1999 by Francisco G�mez Gonz�lez
Music Copyright � - 1999 by Isabel Mart�nez e Isabel G�mez






Programaci�n y Compilaci�n:
Francisco G�mez Gonz�lez
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