SONG # 1. The Alphabet Song
SONG # 2. The hot potatoes              

SONG # 3. Rainbow           
SONG # 4. Once I caught a fish alive      
SONG # 5. This is the church     
SONG # 6. Where is Thumbkin?         
SONG # 7. Hickory, dickory dock          
SONG # 8. Ten little Indians        
SONG # 9. I'm a little teapot       
SONG # 10. Head and Shoulders       
SONG # 11. Hockey Cokey

SONG # 12. If you're happy      
SONG # 13.  Old MacDonald Has a Farm     
SONG # 14. This is the Way           
SONG # 15. Diddle diddle dumpling             
SONG # 16. Happy  Birthday       
SONG # 17. For he's a jolly good fellow          
SONG # 18. Trick or Treat            
SONG # 19. We wish you a Merry Christmas              
SONG # 20. Roses are Red              
SONG # 21. Father's Day Song!              
SONG # 22. Mommy, I love You!          

          SONG CLEMENTINE (Ejercicios Interactivos 2)



01.- The Alphabet Song

Room 108

Teacher 128 ABC

Pals Activities

Harmonica Heaven




02.- The Hot Potatoes

Songs for very joung learners of English

BBC Education Online



03.- A Rainbow

About Rainbows

Rainbow Song by Suzy Gazlay

Jelly Rainbows Songs and Poems

Rainbow Demostration



04.- Once I caught a fish alive

Enchanted Learning Software

Mama Lisa's House of Nursery Rhymes

The Real Mother Goose



05.- This is the Church

Favourite old games

Enchanted Forest




06.- Where is Thumbkin?

Favourite old games

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Glade


El pulgar




07.- Hickory, dickory, dock

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Learning Software




08.- Ten little Indians

Divesi Turne (karaoke)

Ten Little Indians and The Engine Fingerplay Songs



09.- I'm a little teapot

Black Sheep Press

Babies Today Songs

HPD's Nursery Rymes

Harmonica Heavens


10.- Head and Shoulders

KIDiddles Song Lyrics Head and Shoulders

Campfire Songs

ESL-EFL Songs for Young Learners



11.- Hockey Cokey

Brave Combo

Dreamhouse Nursery Bookcase Rhymes

Sing Along Songs




12.- If you're happy

Diversi Tune (karaoke)

Lyrics and Music

KIDiddles Song Lyrics



13.- Old MacDonald has a farm

La canci�n cantada en formato Real Audio

Diversi Tune (karaoke)

Gryphon House Learning Activities

Howard's Kids' Stuff

Enchanted Forest



14.- This is the way

Diversi tune (karaoke)

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Learning



15.- Diddle diddle dumpling

Enchanted Learning

Stars Together

Mother Goose Rhymes

Enchanted Forest



16.- Happy Birthday

La canci�n cantada en formarto Real Audio


Virtual Birthday Cards

O'Connor Music Studio



17.- For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

Diversi Tune (Karaoke)

For he's a Jolly Good Fellow



18.- Trick or Treat

Absolutely Halloween

Not just for kids!



19.- We wish you a Merry Christmas

Diversi Tune (karaoke)





20.- Roses are Red

How to write a Roses Are Red poem

Valentine's Day links




21.- Father's Day Song



Father's Day Cards




22.- Mommy, I love you


Jeanne's Tribute to Mothers

Holidays on the Net

Musical Mother's Day Cards

Poetry Cards for Mother's Day




23.- Clementine

American Folksongs

Juniper Learning

Juniper Learning

Diversi Tune (karaoke)








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