02 Report
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blip The background color the kids added made the text a little more difficult to see. Fortunately, there were lots of ways to fix this. The kids could make the text bigger, change its color, or choose a different font style. What did they decide to do?

pixel All three! Formatting text was loads of fun - and easy, too! The class experimented with FrontPage until they found the perfect size, color, and style for their text. Once they had one section of text just right, Mr. Clark used the Format Painter to apply the same formatting to text in other parts of the report.

blipMr. Clark really appreciated how the Format Painter gave text a consistent look.

pixel Yeah! And saved his students tons of time - so they could go surfing at the beach!

blip (Sigh! We'll go surfing later. Okay, Pixel?)

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