Practice Report

    Background Spell Checking keeps the spell checker running in the background at all times. When you make a spelling error, FrontPage 2000 places a squiggly red line under the misspelled word. You may have seen this same feature in Word.

    To correct a word that is spelled incorrectly:

    1) Right-click on the word that is underlined by the red, squiggly line. A drop-down box appears, containing correctly spelled words similar to the misspelled one.

Select a correctly spelled version of the word.

    2) Click on the correct spelling of the word.

    To turn off the Check Spelling as You Type feature:

    1) Click Tools on the Menu bar, and then choose Page Options.

    2) Click the Spelling tab.

    3) Remove the checkmark in the check-box next to Check spelling as you type.

Turn off the Check Spelling as You Type feature.

    4) Click OK on the Page Options dialog box.

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