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blip Oh, hi! Hey, Pixel, we're logged in. Hi everyone. Blip and Pixel here. We're ready to present our class report on what we did last summer. Pixel?

pixel I wanted to catch some monster waves at the beach, but Blip thought it would more fun to see what kids were doing at the beginning of the millennium. So, we took a trip in our time machine and zipped all the way back to the Year 2000.

blip Pixel and I found a class of 6th graders who were making a Web report on what life would be like in the Year 2200. We decided to hang around because we wanted to see what kind of predictions they made for the future.

pixelWe'll talk about the zany predictions they made, and we'll also show you how they used a software program, called Microsoft FrontPage 2000, to create their zoom-rific Web report.


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