1. A Fresh Start
Add new page
Add page color

2. Text
Add text
Format text
Paint text

3. Images
Add clip art
Add any art
Move image
Position image

4. More Images
Transparent images
Interlaced images
DHTML animations
Cropped images

5. Hyperlinks
Text links
Image links
Image hot spots
E-mail links

6. Tables
Create tables
Format tables
Add text and images
Add columns and rows

7. Previews
Preview in browser
Browser compatibility
Spell check

8. Web site
View site
Organize site
Expand site
Expand with Word 2000

9. Style
Add theme
Custonize theme
Share borders

10. Forms
Add radio buttons
Add check boxes
Add text boxs

11. Data
Send to e-mail
Send to database
View database

12. Reports
Broken links
Slow pages
Recently added files

13. Publish
Go live
Publish to server


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